Lady Gaga "Marry The Night" Music Video

December 2, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga

Last night on E! Lady Gaga debuted her 13 minute "Marry The Night" music video. This video marks her self-directorial debut and Gaga says the video is "autobiographical," which is a really odd statement especially since the majority of the video is spent watching cars catch on fire. 

The video functions as a short film, as the music doesn't even kick in until the 8 minute mark. The video opens with Gaga being wheeled in on a stretcher to some sort of women's clinic. In voice over we hear Gaga wax on about how one of the nurses has a great ass and that their nursing smocks are actually "next season Calvin Klein." Gaga appears to be on her death bed, but I can't really tell because he face is always that pale. 

Then Gaga has a conversation with the nurse where she says she'd "do anything" for showbiz, and the scene looks lifted directly from any episode of "General Hospital." Oh also, Gaga is still trying to talk like Madonna, aka walking a fine line between a British accent and a Manhattan socialite. 

Gaga then does some ballet and wears these killer Alexander McQueen/ballet point shoes. Meanwhile the music hasn't kicked in yet and Gaga is seen nude and having a cheerio induced tantrum. At least that's what it looks like, she's literally foaming at the mouth with cheerios. 

The music finally begins as Gaga appears to be hanging head-first out of a roof of a burning car. She splashes around the gasoline, lighting more cars on fire. Gaga spends the rest of the video busting her dance chops in some "Fame" and "Rent"-inspired dance sequence. 

Aside from the awesome 80's choreography, Gaga told Vanity Fair that shooting this video was "getting ready to relive the worst day of my life."

I think she's referring to the hospital scenes and maybe those weird nude cheerio incidents. “It’s chaotic and sad. But I don’t want it to be safe. It has to be humiliating," is how she describes the video. 

Assuming that the hospitalization scene is simply metaphor, she says the video depicts the day she found out she was dropped from Island Def Jam records, because they didn't like her image. 

"They say I lost everything," she remembers in the video. 

Last night when the video dropped Gaga tweeted to her lil monsters and described the video as "an autobiographical film recounting my past, revealing my struggles + love for showbiz."

What do you think about the video?