Lady Gaga Named Entertainer Of The Year

December 20, 2011 By:

Did a mass uprising of lil monsters put them up to this? Say what you want about Lady Gaga (Ok, I'll start: She's pretentious, she dresses like a unicorn mated with outer space, her music videos are too long...) but she's a very successful artist, if success is measured in dollar signs, and it is.

The Associated Press decided to name Lady Gaga their Entertainer of 2011 calling her the celebrity with "the most influence on entertainment and culture in 2011."

They were deciding between giving this award to Steve Jobs, who changed the face of technology and made Apple the most successful consumer electronic company ever OR Lady Gaga, who once sang a song dressed as a man. Gaga only beat out Steve Jobs by 3 votes.

The award was lauded to her after ballots were submitted by US new organizations and journalists that make up the AP's membership. Let's list Gaga's many accolades that led her to taking home this great honor.

Her album "Born This Way" sold 1.1 million copies in its first week. She was the highest grossing female musician in 2011 according to Forbes, claiming she earned $90 million this past year.

She had her own TV special called "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving." She won several Grammys last year and an Emmy award. She also started the Born This Way Foundation and raised money for relief aid for Japan earlier this year.

"My deepest gratitude to the broadcasters and journalists who've supported me over the years, and in turn, are now supporting the loves of my life: my fans. Thank you for believing in 'Born This Way.' May you continue to brave the dreams of Showbiz." says Gaga.