Lady Gaga Named in New Lawsuit

September 29, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Named in New Lawsuit

They’re all coming out of the woodwork now! Lady Gaga’s old friend has just come forward with a new lawsuit that involves the singer.

Singer-songwriter Wendy Starland is suing Gaga’s ex Rob Fusari, claiming she’s the one who’s responsible for Gaga’s success. As you may recall, Fusari sued Gaga earlier this year, claiming he was entitled to some of her millions for launching her career. Just last month, they settled for a disclosed amount.

But now Starland is trying to get her piece of the pie. Starland filed suit on Friday in Newark Federal Court claiming that in 2005, Fusari asked her to find a “unique female singer, under the age of 25, who could be the female equivalent of the lead singer of the band The Strokes.”

Starland says Fusari promised her that “if she could find and introduce him to such a singer, they would work together to develop the singer and share equally in any revenues earned as a result.”

She says Fusari agreed to do so but never did. She claims she hasn’t received any compensation from Fusari for her efforts in helping to discover Lady Gaga. She’s suing him and his company for breach of contract.

From her end, it sounds like Fusari had this coming to him. But at this point, it’s hard to believe everyone who claims they’re responsible for Gaga’s success—when it comes down to it, she’s the superstar, not them!