Lady Gaga Releases First in a Series of "You and I" Music Videos

September 2, 2011 By:

Lady Gaga just released another video for "You and I" which is the first in a series of five alternate fashion videos for the single.

This first video is called "Haus of U feat. Nymph" which is supposedly featuring one of Lady Gaga's alter ego's "Nymph." I'm guessing we can expect each of the new videos to feature another one of Gaga's alter egos so her drag character Jo Calderone will probably make an appearance in another of the videos. I kind of like Jo better than Gaga actually, he seems like a pretty chill guy.

The black and white video was shot by Dutch fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoddh Matadin and shows an unusually bare-face Gaga wearing one dress the entire video and ballet slippers.

Maybe Gaga is finally done with dressing like a blind drunk hooker tranny. Was that too mean? I don't care.

Also watching the video begs the question, did Lady Gaga get a face lift? Because she's starting to look more and more like an alien, I mean she's always looked like an alien but now her eyes are being stretched so far into her forehead she looks super alien. Like SyFy channel early 90's pre-CGI alien.

Maybe it's just because I've never seen Gaga's real face because she's either dressed as a man, a mermaid, wearing such oversized glasses that you can't see half her face or one time she blacked out her eyes to look like a panda. In her "Born This Way" video she has what appears to be cheek implants but in this alternate video for "You and I" this is the closest you will ever get to seeing a make-up less Gaga.

Watching the video on youtube I couldn't help but be distracted by the comments left by Gaga's fans.

Gaga fans are the craziest, besides the fact that they willingly refer to themselves as monsters, they leave youtube comments like "WHEN IS THE 2ND COMING I CANT WAIT."

What second coming is this person referring to? If Gaga fans think she is the messiah then I will gouge my eyes out.

My favorite Gaga fan comment says, "Fellow little monsters, I love Gaga to, but we need to save all of our anger and hatred for the Bieber fans and nobody else."

Hahah what is this cult that Gaga has created and why Bieber?! What did he ever do to Gaga? If anything, they should hate on Katy Perry for wearing a stupid cube on her head at the VMA's. Like what? Did Perry think a cube would outdo Gaga dressing in drag?