Lady Gaga Responds to Bette Midler's Mermaid Claims

July 19, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Responds to Bette Midler's Mermaid Claims

Lady Gaga is in some hot water for dressing as a mermaid and singing in a wheelchair because apparently Broadway star, Bette Midler, did the exact same thing like 30 years ago.

Bette Midler once famously sat in a wheelchair dressed as a mermaid and sang the Broadway classic “New York, New York.” In the performance, she was joined by 10 other wheelchair bound mermaids who then performed a mermaid kick line with Midler.

I’m not joking, you cannot make this sh-t up.

Anyways, Gaga recently performed “You and I” at a concert in Australia dressed as a mermaid and wheeling around in a wheelchair.

Apparently deranged great minds think alike because Gaga says her mermaid stunt was neither a rip-off nor an homage to Midler. Gaga claims it was just a coincidence that two performers in recent history decided to wear mermaid costumes and perform in wheelchairs.

Coincidence is putting on the same colored v-neck as your roommate. Not mermaid tails.

Gaga claims, “I had no idea that she did that and I’m a huge Bette Midler fan.” Gaga tells Access Hollywood, “Maybe we’re just cut from the same cloth. I couldn’t hop around in that tail so I just stuck myself in a wheelchair.”

Maybe Gaga just wanted to be “part of her world.” Heyo, Little Mermaid jokes, watch out!

Regardless, Bette Midler was a little ticked off. She tweets, “Dear @ladygaga I’ve been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980 – You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits – mermaid’s mine”

And that was just one of several anti-gaga tweets. I say, MERMAID-OFF!