Lady Gaga Reveals Plans for Second Leg of Her Tour

December 22, 2009 By:
Lady Gaga Reveals Plans for Second Leg of Her Tour

Lady Gaga took a moment out of her hectic schedule recently to sit down with MTV and dish about her upcoming year. She’ll be embarking on the second leg of her Monster Ball tour, and heading over to the U.K.

Gaga says she wants to totally revamp the second half of the tour, rather than do what she’s been doing stateside. "So, I put together a show that is so perfectly an avant-garde-performance-art-fashion installation, put in a blender and vomited on as a pop show. It's kind of this amazing theme of evolution, but it's in a garage, and me and all my friends are kind of exploring the music," she said.

"But it's a very vacuous space. It's a box, it's a runway, and we have to transform that space to feel like eight different acts throughout the entire show. But for the next version of the Monster Ball, which is going to be in February when I begin in the U.K. with my arena tour, I'm throwing out the stage. My team thinks I'm completely psychotic. But I don't f---ing care what they think."

Gaga didn’t give away all her secrets, but she did reveal that Danish group Alphabeat will open for her. She also said, "Well, just to give you an idea, the stage is about four times the size of the one we're on now and conceptually, it's completely different. One thing that has been lost over the past 10-15 years, in pop music, is the idea of showbiz. And this is definitely going to bring that back."

She definitely puts on a great show! We can’t imagine the set being bigger than the U.S. one! Gaga keeps getting bigger and better!