Lady Gaga Simpsons Preview

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Lady Gaga Simpsons Preview
“Oh my God, it’s Lady Gaga! The Lady Gaga!” Simpson creator Matt Groening proclaims.

The “Born Again” singer will be born as a cartoon character. Lady Gaga is stopping by Springfield as a celebrity guest to appear on Fox’s season 23 finale “The Simpsons.”

In a newly released promo video for the episode, Gaga seems to fit right in.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Simpsons,” Gaga says. “It’s such an incredible script. It’s so funny.

In the episode, Gaga arrives on a flashy pink passenger train fitted with a tiara and high heels where she meets up with Lisa who’s in quite a slump. Gaga takes on the mission of inspiring the eight-year-old Buddhist to have hope again.

The performer, who makes a living singing in front of tens of thousands of people, was more nervous for this role than she’s ever been before, but the Simpsons staffers couldn’t be happier with her performance.

“She was so good that we ruined many takes by laughing out loud,” Groening says.

He promises Gaga will look beautiful in the episode… just by Simpson standards. (Which shouldn’t be too difficult for the artists to portray as she already kind of looks like Marge’s long lost cousin.)

Plus, being able to disregard the limitations that basic physics and reality present, Gaga might actually be able to truly express herself on a fashion level in animated form.

“You think that her dresses in real life are crazy… Wait to you see what we draw!” Groening says.

“The Simpsons” season finale featuring Lagy Gaga airs Sunday May 20 at 8/7c on Fox.

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