Lady Gaga: There's No Telephone Sequel

March 26, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga: There's No Telephone Sequel

The music video for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” featuring Beyonce is so hot, that it’s left everyone wanting more. And word on the street is that the ladies were going to begin working on a sequel to the iconic video.

The buzz started after the video premiered, and the last shot says, “To Be Continued” on the screen. But Gaga spoke with MTV and cleared up the rumor. While she is going to begin working on the video for her next single “Alejandro,” Gaga says that it won’t be a follow-up to “Telephone.”

Lady Gaga Telephone Video

She said, "I'm so excited about the Alejandro video. Actually, we're shooting it very soon and I don't want to say who the director is yet because it's going to give a lot away. I would be more likely to lie through my teeth to you what the video's about so that you could all be surprised. But I will tell you it's not the sequel to the Telephone video."

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Gaga is always so secretive! But that’s what keeps us all guessing about her. Just today it was announced that her music videos have had over a billion views online, making her the most clicked-on celebrity. And this is only the beginning!