Lady Gaga to Open a Children's Charity in India

October 31, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga to Open a Children's Charity in India

Lady Gaga may be an alien fashion savant who wears meat dresses and refers to people as actual monsters, but don't let her psychopath exterior fool you, she's actually got a really big heart. 

Lady Gaga has been visiting India lately with an interest in setting up a children's charity in the country. No word yet on exactly what the charity would be, but she'll be working with orphanages and charitable organizations to create her own. 

A source tells The Sun newspaper, "Gaga would one day like to set up a foundation in her name to help children and now her career has really taken off, she feels as if it's the right time to do something."

Gaga felt it was the "right time" when she was recently in New Delhi for a private gig and is visiting youth charities on her time off between performances and appearances. 

"She isn't the type of celebrity who just throws cash at things though. She wants to research it properly and do something huge," adds the source. 
With Gaga's celebrity status she has the potential to do a lot of good if she really wants to. Right now, she's working with already existing orphanages to figure out how she can and will create her own organization. 

"She knows it will be a massive amount of work but she wants to start by getting involved in some orphanages that already exist and devote some of her time and money to helping them."

Wishing all the best for Gaga in this new endeavor, let's just hope she doesn't call it Lady Gaga's Little Monster Orphanage, because that just doesn't seem appropriate at all.

However, Gaga has already been working on charitable organizations. In March she designed red wrist bands which read, "We pray for Japan" to raise money for earthquake victims in Japan. She ended up raising $250,000 for the earthquake victims. 

Afterwards she tweeted, "Monsters: in just 48 hrs you've raised a quarter of a million dollars for Japan Relief. It's important we help. X" However, this isn't the only thing Gaga has been up to in India. Gaga performed last night in India and did a Bollywood version of her new single, "Marry the Night." She performed a slowed-down version of the song, accompanied by a sitar. 

"I feel like I've waited a long time to come here. And I feel very grateful. For the first time ever, I'm going to sing 'Marry the Night,'" says Gaga.  
She was also photographed out and about and tweeted several photos that said, "Screw Hollywood. It's all about Bollywood."