Lady Gaga Tops Forbes List of Top Earning Women in Music

December 15, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Tops Forbes List of Top Earning Women in Music

The lovely people over at Forbes who count money and put names into lists, has just released their year end list for the highest earning women in music, and to no-one's surprise Lady Gaga is the top earner. 

In 2011 Gaga raked in $90 million. That income is mainly due to her "Monster Ball" tour, which brought her $1.3 million a night! She also had many endorsement deals, including Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Monster Cable and Surprisingly, I don't remember any of those endorsements at all. Oh well, they made her a lot of money. 

Coming in second is Taylor Swift, who at 22-years-old made $45 million, meaning that Gaga earned double what Swift made. Katy Perry came in a close third, raking in $44 million. Beyonce made $35 million and Rihanna made $29 mil. 

Surprisingly, Britney Spears came in last on the list having earned only $10 million. I felt like she was trekking along on that Femme Fatale tour for what felt like ages, but I guess it wasn't enough to get near the Beyonces and Katy Perrys at the top of the list. Britney also tied for 10th place with Alicia Keys, who let's be real, I forgot was even making music. I guess the proceeds of "Empire State of Mind" with Jay-Z lasted her a long while. 

The totals earned in this list is money accrued from May 2010 to May 2011 and is pre-tax and before subtracting agent and manager fees, meaning that Lady Gaga's management team also made a lot of money last year. 

Here's the Top 10 highest earning Women in Music:

1) Lady Gaga $90 mil

2) Taylor Swift $45 mil

3) Katy Perry $44 mil

4) Beyonce $35 mil

5) Rihanna $29 mil

6) Pink $22 mil

7) Carrie Underwood $20 mil

8) Celine Dion $19 mil

9) Adele $18 mil

10) Britney Spears $10 mil

10) [Tie] Alicia Keys $10 mil