Lady Gaga Writes Song For Cher

July 14, 2011 By:

Everyone compares Lady Gaga to Madonna, but in terms of campiness, make-up and gay male appeal, Lady Gaga is more like a mini-Cher. Which is why it makes total sense that Lady Gaga would write a song for Cher’s new album called “The Greatest Thing.”

Cher, who has got to be like 70 or something by now is trying to prove that she is a) relevant and b) able to use the internet when she tweeted, “Wait! I would love duet with GaGa, but she Gave Me GREAT Song & I’m beyond Grateful!!!!! It’s called “The Greatest Thing.”

So Gaga and Cher are not doing a duet, but the Gaga did give Cher a RedOne produced track that she must have passes on for her own album.

An earlier version of the song recorded by Gaga leaked onto the internet and whenever I listen to it, it makes me want to go to a roller skating rink like real bad.

It’s sad that one of the original queens of pop music is having to take music from her copycats. Lady Gaga tweeted back, “@cher maybe a remix duet for the gays? You truly are ‘the greatest thing to me.” Omigod the gays would lose their sh-t it Gaga and Cher collaborated on a song, the streets of West Hollywood would SHUT DOWN. Bring it!