Lady Gaga's Mother is Joining Her Tour

April 4, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga's Mother is Joining Her Tour

Lady Gaga is the hardest working girl in the biz right now. But as hard as she works, she plays even harder, which is why her mother is planning on joining her on tour.

Gaga's mom Cynthia is apparently concerned about her daughter's health and plans on joining her while she's on tour to keep an eye on her.

A friend of Gaga's told The Sun newspaper: "She may be one of the biggest, and strangest, pop stars in the world but her relationship with her parents is very traditional. She is from a typical loving Italian-American background and her family have normal parental concerns.

"Her mum thinks she drinks too much and doesn't eat enough. She has gone along to keep an eye on her drinking and feed her up."

Can you imagine how embarrassing that can become? She's rehearsing with her dancers in just her underwear covered in blood and her mom follows her around the stage with a spoon saying "Eat up Honey, you're looking too skinny."

Perhaps Gaga's recent comments about being on a “drunk diet” is what triggered the 'I'm coming on tour with you' warning from her Ma.

She said: "I am on the drunk diet. I live my life as I want to, creatively. I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working. But the deal is I've got to work out every day, and I work out hung over if I am hung over. And it's about the cross training and keeping yourself inspired. I have to say, I do a ton of yoga."

There goes the whiskey. It’s just going to be Italian soda from now on. Let’s see how long this lasts.