Lady Gaga's Producer Blasts Madonna Comparison

May 5, 2011 By:

Lady Gaga often gets compared to Madonna because their music is so similar and I imagine that could get annoying after a while.

That should be even more annoying for the people that produce music for her because it just means they’re ripping off music from other artists.

One of Gaga’s producers, DJ White Shadow is pissed about the comparison.

He says, "I think it was bulls*** to be honest. I guess there are a hundred songs that you could put a pitch shift and a BPM (beats per minute) change on and loop and make them sound like anything. Actually there are five songs out that are exactly the same song, on the radio at the same time. Right now. Why doesn't anyone ever bring that up? That's a f****** felony."

It’s not only that there music is similar, but their music videos are pretty similar too. But if they don’t have a problem with it, why should we? Madge and Gaga are actually friends so obviously there is no hard feelings between the two.

Do you guys think Gaga is just ripping off the original Queen B?