Madonna Still Outsells Lady Gaga 3 to 1

December 10, 2012 By:
Madonna Still Outsells Lady Gaga 3 to 1

Whether it’s feel-good friendly or straight up fierce, the feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna has been well documented this year.

Every jab, every suspiciously similar sounding song (“Born This Way”/“Express Yourself”), every thin-lipped Ellen DeGeneres interview. But now Madge might be throwing her biggest dig at Gaga yet and she doesn’t have to pipe a word because in this case, a ticket sale says a thousand words. Actually, make that 55,000 thousand.

According to the Asociación Peruana de Autores y Compositores, Madonna is outselling her pop rival Lady Gaga.

The former outsold a concert in Lima, whereas Gaga is struggling to reach 55,000 capacity. Gaga only sold 17,000 tickets before having to offer some quick deals to pump sales; Madonna didn’t have to resort to a scheme because she is the Queen.

Her MDNA Tour was able to sell out the stadium, even with some of her tickets reaching price figures that are three times more expensive than a Monster Ball performance. Maybe Virgin is thinking about stuffing that lavish private jet gift for Gaga back in the Ga-garage right about now...

Everyone has their own opinions about which singer is “better,” however these cold hard numbers are hard to argue against—they're pretty telling about general public opinion about who they prefer to see on a throne/stage.

Madonna has amassed a huge following over her decades (plural!) career while Gaga’s Little Monsters are still just that: little. Gaga also is routinely called out for being reductive of Madonna, so when they're both touring simultaneously and people are pushed into a corner to make a quick decision, they're all most likely asking themselves what's the better buy: the real designer bag or the knock off?