Musicians Banned For Being Too Sexy

June 7, 2011 By:
Musicians Banned For Being Too Sexy

I guess us Americans must be super desensitized because some of our favorite pop music artists have been banned from other countries for content and music that is deemed too scandalous.

Lady Gaga’s album “Born This Way” was recently banned in Lebanon for being “offensive to Christianity” and being all around in “bad taste,” claims Lebanese officials. I’m going out on a limb here, but they probably also have an issue with Gaga sometimes dressing like a nun and getting sexy with a metaphorical Jesus and Judas in her video. Just sayin.

Father Abdo Abu Kassm of the Lebanon Catholic Information Centre says of the album, “If they are going to offend us we are going to cancel the album.”

Lebanese government already banned the single “Judas” from the radio, now the entire album is banned from stores and police have impounded boxes of Born This Way.

Aside from pissing off the Parents’ Television Council for her new video “Man Down,” Rihanna’s song for “S&M” has been banned from radio play in 11 countries! The video is also deemed “inappropriate for some users” by YouTube, and viewers must verify they are 18 or older before watching.

Beyonce had a perfume commercial back in November 2010 for her fragrance, “Heat.” In the spot, Beyonce sings her cover of “Fever” and struts around occasionally feeling herself up. The British Advertising Standards Authority deemed the video too “sexually provocative” and it was banned from being shown before 7.30pm on UK televisions.

Geez, who knew our American pop divas were causing such controversy.

Some music that might be on it’s way to being banned but isn’t yet…

Kanye West's new music video for single “Monster.” So far the video hasn’t been banned, just criticized for being misogynistic, but let’s be real, the video features Kanye trying to have a three-way with a couple dead girls. So yah, if Beyonce is banned for being too sexy, Kanye is on the way there for being too sexist.

Someone whose music I’m sure will never be banned…

Justin Bieber.