New Lady GaGa Music Video: Love Game

February 13, 2009 By:
New Lady GaGa Music Video: Love Game

Lady Gaga is unstoppable right now! She’s come out with another music video today. This one’s for Love Game, and now we see where her “no pants” love affair started.

The sound of the song is a lot like Just Dance. It’s very computerized, and techno style. This is the GaGa sound that we like.

This is her third European and American single. We don’t think it’ll have quite as much success as Just Dance, but she’s already got a huge following now based on that one song alone.

This is definitely just the beginning we’re seeing of GaGa. Now her challenge is going to be making sure he songs aren’t all hybrids of Just Dance.

Check out the brand new video and tell us what you think of new GaGa.