Report: Lady Gaga Pulling Out of Kanye Tour

September 30, 2009 By:
Report: Lady Gaga Pulling Out of Kanye Tour

Rumor has it Lady Gaga is getting cold feet when it comes to her upcoming Fame Kills tour with Kanye West. Sources tell Media Take Out that Gaga will be canceling her appearances on the tour, and will be making some sort of announcement as early as tomorrow.

The Kanye-Gaga tour has been gaining buzz for weeks. Lady Gaga was featured topless in an advertisement for it recently, in the arms of an African-American man.

But sources say Kanye’s actions at the VMAs have really turned her off, even though she defended him earlier this week, saying "He's a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f--king bad. He really does.”

There’s also been talk of Kanye heading to rehab after the tour, and the baggage surrounding him has proved too much for Lady Gaga.
Stay tuned for an announcement to follow!