Russian Billionaire Pays Gaga $1 Million

June 23, 2010 By:
Russian Billionaire Pays Gaga $1 Million

Lady Gaga is already a gazillionaire. But she reportedly just got a whole lot richer, just by shooting her music video for “Alejandro.”

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According to Popeater via, one guy wanted to be in the video so badly that he offered Gaga $1 million. The 30-year old man, known only as “Arkady,” offered the money to her in return for playing a part in the 9-minute music video.

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When approached about the deal, Moscow-based Arkady said, "Yes it was me in the clip, but I can't give further details."

You can catch him in the video wearing an SS-style leather coat and cap. Talk about super fan! Watch the video again to see the guy who payed a million bucks to make it in.