Video: Lady Gaga Ziplines Into "Good Morning America" for Summer Concert Series

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Video: Lady Gaga Ziplines Into

Lady Gaga arrives to her performance on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series via a zip line.

Gaga dropped out of the air and onto the stage and immediately started performing “Bad Romance” on the Central Park stage dressed like a sexy member of the Vatican.

Gaga graced the outdoor stage to perform “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” “Hair,” “The Edge Of Glory,” and “Judas.”

Fans in the audiences were dressed up like mother monster, which means they were dressed like slutty clowns.

During Lady Gaga’s interview with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos she states that she is “halfway between reality and theater at all times.” This is evidenced by the giant silver unicorn piano that Gaga played during her ballad, “Hair.” Her piano was set into the body of a unicorn; the unicorn had a purple weave and a purple horn.

However, when Gaga interviews and talks to her fans she’s surprisingly down-to-earth. She tells Good Morning America of how she grew up just blocks from Central Park with her Italian family.

She then gives a shout-out to her dad in the audience, “That’s the first time my dad’s ever put his paws up.” At the end of her performance of “Hair,” threw some of her fake ponytail into the audience and sweetly cautions like an elementary school teacher, “Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Share it.”

Lady Gaga’s GMA interview

Lady Gaga Performing ”Hair” on GMA