Lana Del Rey Cancels Tour Because She Can't Sing Live

February 9, 2012 By:
Lana Del Rey Cancels Tour Because She Can't Sing Live

Disclaimer: I love Lana Del Rey's music, that being said, homegirl can't sing live to save her life. As a new artist, Lana made her first TV performance on Saturday Night Live last month and if you saw the video, or went on the internet the very next day, you would have learned that Lana's live performance skills are what happens when a Disney princess puts on a vintage dress and tries to imitate a cat in heat.

It was like she sucked on horse tranquilizers before the performance, it was bizarre, at best.

Anyways, the internet was going nuts the next day, wondering who this weird new singer was and why doesn't she know how to perform and also was that singing?

So anyways, in order to “distance” herself from the SNL fiasco, she's reportedly canceling her tour before she has even announced the tour.

She just released her debut album, “Born To Die” and despite her SNL performance, she has the #2 album in the country, right underneath Adele's “21” album. So obviously, her album is great, however, cancelling her tour has led some to believe that she can't sing live at all.

Sure, her live singing capabilities are weak, but if Britney Spears is allowed to do world tours, then why do we care if Lana Del Rey can't sing? Give the girl some back-up dancers and teach her how to give lap dances and she's good to go.

According to the New York Post, “[Lana] and her manager decided to cancel [the tour] after SNL,” says a source, “She was very upset…they figure it allows time for her to clear her head, then go back to selling tickets. More importantly, they figure, the extra time gives them more distance from 'SNL.'”

So really, she's just postponing it? Maybe it'll give her enough time to learn how to sing? Is that mean? Whatever, I bought her album I can say it.

She may have cancelled her tour but she did do two free in-store concerts at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and San Francisco earlier this week and fans seem impressed, then again, when it's a free show are you really going to complain?

In case you missed her SNL performance here it is again: