Lana Del Rey Premieres New Video "Ride" in Santa Monica

October 11, 2012 By:
Lana Del Rey Premieres New Video

Lana Del Rey really is an anachronism. She has the 2012 swag of a silent film star. She drips in 1960s sensuality as she works her way through today’s oversexed music industry. Her affected pout is retro, while her lips are Restylane.

True to shape shifting form, Lana premiered her new music video, not on YouTube, but in an old Santa Monica movie theatre where it’s marquee glowed with the song’s name, “Ride.”

Make no mistake; this ephemeral image isn’t lost on Lana. In a section of the video, Lana’s voiceover whimpers with self-awareness, “I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality,” forever not answering music’s most buzzed question of 2011, “Lana, who are you?”

Directed by Antony Mandler (who shot Lana’s “National Anthem” with A$AP Rocky), Antony joined Lana to a standing room only Aero Theater to debut their ten-minute creation that ultimately resulted in a standing ovation. Hundred of fans turned out last night for the event to catch a glimpse of her artsy-iest video project this side of a David Lynchian H&M commercial.

The two fielded fan question on stage and when asked about the inspiration for “Ride,” Lana answered, “I just decided to get back to my roots and do what was fun.” It’s also clearly Easy Rider/road movie influenced, depicting the singer on the back of motorcycles as she coasts her way through different men in a Badlands, Americana wasteland.

The video for “Ride” is set to premiere online tomorrow, Friday, October 12.