FYI: Lana Snubbed, Letterman Goes Bonkers

January 16, 2014 By:
FYI: Lana Snubbed, Letterman Goes Bonkers

Here's today's round-up of relevant and/or raunchy music news from around the web. This is FYI:

Illuminati Shit: Lana Del Rey, Coldplay and Taylor Swift all got the snub in their attempts to be nominated for the "Best Original Song" nomination at the Oscars. Instead, Pharrell Williams and U2 will duke it out for the title, while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O rounds out the group with the "glad to be here" nomination. (Via Idolator)

Ouch! My Face!: Country crooner Trace Adkins reportedly got intoxicated and beat the shit out of himself on a cruise ship. Hold on, we'll explain. The sometimes sober Adkins fell off the wagon on a cruise ride to Jamaica, at which point he stumbled upon an impersonator performing a karaoke version of one of his songs and an altercation ensued. Yeah, like the truth makes any more sense. (Via TMZ)

Lettermaniacs: Stereotude favorite The Orwells slummed their way onto Letterman last night, performing their track "Who Needs You." After their set, Letterman and Paul Shaffer went all gonzo on the band, hootin' and hollerin' until "The Late Show" band played The Orwells' song back to them while Shaffer rolled around on the ground and humped the air. Not kidding. (Via Uproxx)

Undercover Brothers: Jack White and Neil Young are reportedly teaming up to record an album of cover songs that will include renditions of Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot. I'd rather hear them do covers of Rihanna and Bieber but I guess this will do. (Via Consequence of Sound)

Kimonos All Round: Ex-Mars Volta guitarist and afro aficionado Omar Rodríguez-López has teamed up once more with ex-Chili Pepper John Frusciante to form Kimono Kult, which is being billed as an "electro/dub/afro-beat/avant-freak/jazz-like conversation of instrumental ecstasy." It seems that brevity will not be their forte. Check out their first single, "Todo Menos El Dolor":