Lana Del Rey "Blue Jeans" Music Video

March 20, 2012 By:
Lana Del Rey

If her music videos are any indication of her love life, Lana Del Rey dates some weird dudes. “Blue Jeans” is Lana Del Rey’s second official video off her “Born to Die” album and just like her debut video for “Born To Die” this video is also dark, morbid, but also kind of beautiful.

“Blue Jeans” supposedly acts as the prequel to her previously released “Born To Die” video and if you’ve seen that other video, well, she dies in it. Spoiler alert?

In “Blue Jeans” Lana Del Rey goes for a swim with her dream man, a tatted up skinny guy who also appears in the “Born To Die” video. However, her underwater romp with the “love interest” turns into a deadly swim with an alligator, proving that her man may not be exactly what he seems.

Also, I think the love interest kills her? Am I reading too much into it? Because it definitely seems like he chokes her to death and if this is the prequel for “Born To Die” then yeah, that’s probably what’s going on here. Like I said, Lana Del Rey videos deal with some dark sh-t.

Lana will make her second live televised performance ever on American Idol this Thursday. The performance was pre-taped last week, so it better be good.

We don’t need another “Lana Del Rey bombs on SNL” fiasco on our hands. If you don’t know what that means, google it. Lana will be singing her break-out hit “Video Games” on American Idol.