Lana Del Rey to Perform on American Idol

March 14, 2012 By:
Lana Del Rey to Perform on American Idol

Controversial “live” performer Lana Del Rey will be performing on “American Idol” this Thursday.

Is this a bad thing or a great thing? Reasons for it being a “bad thing"... Three words: Saturday Night Live. Did you see Lana’s live performance on SNL? She crawled onto the SNL stage in January and bizarrely crooned songs that sounded only similar to her original recordings in a foggy high that was definitely the result of some serious animal tranquilizer overdose.

Why this is a “great thing”? Lana Del Rey needs a comeback, real bad. Maybe she’ll perform really well and with the kind of audience that watches American Idol she’ll prove to fans that she’s worthy of being a real singer.

So anyways, Lana’s name is listed on audience tickets for Thursday along with band Daughtry and Demi Lovato.

This will be Lana’s second large-scale live performance ever and her first since the SNL fiasco. However, there is a chance that Lana’s performance will be live-taped ahead of the studio audience recording.

If you aren’t familiar with Lana Del Rey, here’s Lana in a nutshell. She was a youtube singer a few years ago but went by the name Lizzie Grant and recorded regular pop songs. Then she disappeared for a minute, scrapped all her Lizzie Grant youtube videos, got collagen lip injections, and re-emerged as indie-darling Lana Del Rey and now makes music that sounds like Nancy Sinatra on crack.

So that’s that. Will you watch American Idol on Thursday to find out if Lana Del Rey bombs?