Lizzy Grant: The Journey to Lana Del Rey

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Lizzy Grant: The Journey to Lana Del Rey
Image By: David Wolff - Patrick

It's been a long time coming for our beloved pouty-lipped vixen Lana Del Rey. Before she became a household name and the official wedding singer at the Kimye wedding, Lana was Lizzy Grant -- a soft-spoken, wide-eyed young girl trying to catch her big break in NYC. We've uncovered Lana's hidden files and tracked her evolution from Lizzie Grant to Lana Del Rey. Here's her journey:

Lizzy's Yearbook Photo - 2005


Elizabeth's senior quote is soooo Lana.

Williamsburg Live Songwriting Competition Semifinals - 2006


Lizzy met the A&R for 5 Points Records while singing at this competition. She later signed a $10,000 record deal with the label.

Index Magazine Interview - 2008


Lizzy was interviewed outside Manhattan Mobile Home Park in New Jersey, where she resided after dropping out of Fordham University.

Performing "Pin Up Galore" Live - 2008


Lizzy sang the unreleased track at The National Underground in NYC.

Singing "Yayo" & "Hundred Dollar Bill" - 2009


Whoa, super normcore Lana.

Super #RARE Keds Commercial - 2009


She ditched Lizzy for the alias "Lana Del Rey" in this Keds commercial, which never aired.

"Diet Mtn Dew" Music Video - 2010


This was the start of many vintage music videos that Lana shot and edited herself.

"Put Me In A Movie" Music Video - 2010


Lana ditched the very blonde do' for the luscious brunette locks that we associate her with today.

Daft Dog Interview - 2010


We're finally seeing the clear transformation from Lizzy to Lana.

"Video Games" Music Video - 2011

Doe-eyed Lizzy Grant is long gone, and sultry Lana Del Rey is here to stay.