‘Ultraviolence’ vs. ‘In the Lonely Hour’: Who Won?

June 26, 2014 By:
‘Ultraviolence’ vs. ‘In the Lonely Hour’: Who Won?

Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith both released albums last week. LDR dropped her third studio album Ultraviolence and Smith dropped his debut In the Lonely Hour last Tuesday, June 17th.

So who won? Who sold the most albums?

Short answer: Lana Del Rey trumped Sam Smith. Ultraviolence sold 182,000 copies in its first week, while In the Lonely Hour sold 162,000 copies.

Long answer: They’re both winners. LDR obviously because she topped the Billboard charts with her #1 album. Sam Smith is also a winner in his own right. With In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith broke the record for highest first-week US sales for a UK male artist. That’s a huge accomplishment for the 22-year-old singer who just a few years ago was cleaning toilets in London. 

Ultraviolence is available to purchase here.

In the Lonely Hour is available to purchase here.