Watch Lana Del Rey's Performance on "American Idol"

March 23, 2012 By:
Watch Lana Del Rey's Performance on

Last night on American Idol, the Top 10 was pared down to just a top 9, but who even cares about any of that, last night was Lana Del Rey Idol!

As Ryan Seacrest put it, Lana is an “overnight pop culture obsession.” Basically, she is a hipster robot created by a very smart person at a record label, but she’s controversial because her album is awesome, but her live performance skills are, how do I put this gently…an acquired taste?

So anyways, in a pre-taped performance, Lana performed “Video Games” “live” on last night’s American Idol and definitely did a much better job than when she bombed on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year.

I doubt she’d get very far if she were a contestant on American Idol, but you can’t deny she’s unique. She’s got a lazy Nancy Sinatra vibe, she slides around the scales like she’s Alanis Morisette and this is 1995, and she dresses like that annoying hipster that works the register at “American Idol.”

Lana has improved since her last television performance, but her performance skills are still non-existent. She looks down more often than not and the most showmanship she does is when she put her hand on her hip for like 3.5 seconds. That being said, I just love that song, “Video Games,” don’t you?

Oh also, last years Idol runner-up Haley Reinhart performed her new single, “Free” and proved she’s a way better performer than Lana Del Rey, but let’s face it, Haley’s never gonna be that famous. I can already predict she’s gonna go the way of Ruben Studdard and all those other forgotten idols.