Laurieann Gibson: Truth On Split with Gaga and Katy Perry

May 29, 2012 By:
Laurieann Gibson: Truth On Split with Gaga and Katy Perry

You might not know her name, but you know her work.

Choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson is the reason behind all your favorite moments in pop music. Lady Gaga’s now infamous monster claw hands in “Bad Romance?” Nicki Minaj’s Vatican-inspired performance at the Grammys? It’s all thanks to Laurieann Gibson.

Gibson opens up about the real reason why she went her separate ways with Lady Gaga, what Katy Perry really meant when she said, “my music is about to get real f’ing dark,” and what was up with Nicki Minaj’s nun costume at the Grammys? Not only that but Gibson is going to take her signature moves and put it into her own music career.

Gibson opened up on why she stopped working with Lady Gaga.

“It’s about the ticket sales. It’s about the lie,” says Gibson, “That’s what I mean when I say dark. If an artist goes down a road that I don’t like, I DO walk away, and I did [with Gaga], not necessarily because it was just dark, but because it wasn’t honest…I will not shift my ability to make someone else happy if they’re not doing what we started off doing.

Katy Perry’s recently announced, “My Music Is About To Get Real F’ing Dark.” So, is Katy Perry going to start sounding a lot like Tori Amos now?

“Katy Perry’s version of f’ing dark, is different from everyone else’s version of f’ing dark," says Gibson. "She’s pure enough to tell you that because she’s transparent. She’s saying ‘Whatever’s happening inside of me, I’m going to share it with you because that’s what artists do.”

Nicki Minaj routinely dresses like a “Harajuku Barbie” and donned a nuns outfit at The Grammys, but Gibson says the crazy clothing is amazing inspiration for the choreography.

“The clothes are the lifestyle…the movement is the clothes…For me it’s all collaborative. Either the clothing inspiration does dictate the movement, or the movement does dictate the clothing.

After working with the best-of-the-best in pop music, Gibson is finally trying her own hand at a solo music career.

“…As a little girl, I’ve always written songs and written poetry…I never thought I would want or need to evolve an album, but then I started on the journey of choreographing and creative directing and artist development…there was still this small voice inside me that felt like I didn’t complete…my purpose.”

She’s worked with everyone in the music scene, but who is willing to make a cameo appearance on HER album? Gibson says she’s got a top secret artist doing a guest appearance on her album. Here’s a hint? He’s got a super famous ex-gf and he’s a really good dancer.

“This is not just ‘Laurieann featuring the artists she collaborated with.” [The secret famous artist] is probably one of the most gifted artists and the closet thing to when I was in the presence of Michael Jackson.”