Lauryn Hill, Coming To A Prison Near You

June 7, 2012 By:
Lauryn Hill, Coming To A Prison Near You

Lauryn Hill could soon have an up-to-three year gig performing nightly for female inmates, as one of them.

Apparently she is being charged in New Jersey with not filing her taxes. Three years in a row. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 Ms. Hill reportedly made 1.6 million dollars, but didn’t feel the need to claim, or share any of it. It’s possible that she could serve up to one year in prison for each count and up to $300,000 in fines.

No stranger to the legal system, Hill has previously been accused of stealing a wardrobe of “high fashion items” from a fashion consultant who provided her wardrobe for her 2007 European tour.

She has also been sued for harassment by a guitarist in her band for being quite the horribly verbally abusive and cheap boss during that same tour.

2007 was clearly a bad year for her. Around the same time Former Fugees band mate, Wyclef Jean, went on record with claims that he thinks Hill is “sick,” suffering from both bipolar disorder, and a serious attitude problem: "So I even called her mom, and I stressed to her, 'Yo, you need to get her psychiatric help.' But I think they all fear her to death. She wasn't always like this - but if someone has the ego and you keep feeding the ego, it's going to turn monstrous."

Though it’s safe to assume she’s going to be let off with a slap on the wrist, you never can say for sure (Martha Stewart, Wesley Snipes)….

The good news is, that if the judges don’t rule in her favor, she would probably look pretty fierce in an Orange jumpsuit. But anyone’s who’s ever seen a chick fight will tell her, she’s probably going to want to lose those hoop earrings.