Lea Michele Wants Julia Roberts on Glee

August 2, 2011 By:
Lea Michele Wants Julia Roberts on Glee

Lea Michele says the biggest star she's dying to work with on Glee is Julia Roberts. Julia worked with Glee creator Ryan Murphy when he directed her in "Eat, Pray, Love."

Does Julia Roberts even sing? What character could she play? As far as we know, her musical talents only go as far as that time she sang about 5 seconds of Prince's "Kiss" in "Pretty Woman."

Lea says, "We may not be able to work together because I would get so dumbstruck."

Since so many celebs keep appearing on Glee, Lea Michele admits she gets starstruck, "There are a few people that I would get like that with. Even now I am getting tongue-tied just thinking about it. I would be a wreck if she were actually standing in front of me...I do get a little star struck," Lea confesses.

Ok cast of Glee, just because your show gets actual film actors to appear on Glee all the time, doesn't mean you can just name drop and these people are going to magically appear at William McKinley High School doing high kicks and belting out pop songs. But if that were true, why can't one of you wish for shirtless Ryan Reynolds to appear on Glee? huh?

Well apparently the feeling is mutual. Last year, Julia Roberts walked up to the Glee table at the Golden Globes and told them she wanted to be on the show, she even pitched ideas for a part for her to play.

Well... Julia was in the "Say a little prayer for you" scene in "My Best Friends Wedding" which was the Glee-iest thing to ever happen in a normal movie, so she'll be right at home at Glee.