LeAnn Rimes Sings About Her Ex

January 26, 2010 By:
LeAnn Rimes Sings About Her Ex

LeAnn Rimes hasn’t been shy about her split with Dean Sheremet, and getting together with Eddie Cibrian. Neither LeAnn nor Eddie have denied that they were hooking up while they were both still married. And they’ve been going strong every since, and unafraid of being caught by the cameras looking lovey dovey.

Last night at the ASCAP Music Café at Sundance, LeAnn took the stage and debuted some new music. Before one song, LeAnn told the crowd, "This song is going to make me cry," she warned her audience. "It's about love."

The lyrics went on to say: "What have I done? I broke the heart of the sweetest man. What have I done? I broke the heart of the only man who's ever loved me. Who have I become? I hope you find someone new, someone who deserves you."

Sources tell Us Weekly that LeAnn wrote the song while she was having an affair with Cibrian. But another friend says it "was written several years ago before the situation with Dean and the cheating. I can understand how it can be interpreted to be about what happened."

LeAnn also touched on the subject of divorce during her set—but not her own. She said, "A friend of mine got divorced about three years and the guy turned into a real a**hole and we wanted to kill him. Everyone gets their heart broken and wants revenge.

Sometimes we sit around drinking wine and talk about it, but this song is for everyone who wants to finally get that revenge."

Interesting choice of words. Perhaps calling the kettle black, LeAnn?