Led Zeppelin Says "No" to Led Zeppelin Reunion

October 10, 2012 By:
Led Zeppelin Says

No, Led Zeppelin will not be reuniting. That airship has sailed. Let’s move onto something of this centu—

Oh, no, you want to stay in this time machine for a bit longer? Okay, fine. Here are your details.

Yesterday, lead singer/your dad’s sole definition of a legend Robert Plant was asked during a news conference if there was any potential of a reunion of a Zepp reunion. His answer?

“We’ve been thinking about all sorts of things,” Robert said with an even tone. “But then we can’t remember what we’re thinking about. Schmuck.”

Robert was joined on the panel with the other members of the seminal rock ‘n’ roll outfit—guitarist Jimmy Page, ever versatile bassist-mandolinist-keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer Jason Bonham (son of the original and late drummer John Bonham)—were promoting their upcoming concert film, “Celebration Day.”

The feature-length concert, opening October 17, follows the band’s historic reunion concert at London’s O2 arena in 2007—a marker as their first show together since the mid-‘80s.

“I think it’s disappointing for people when the answer is ‘no,’” Jimmy added, cutting it short right there. “That’s what it is now.”

On the red carpet, John remained empathetic, offering, “I think it’s probably frustrating to the public when they see how good [the film] is, and they go, ‘Why won’t you do anymore?’ They don’t get it. But you know what, there’s a time, and for me it’s when John Bonham was in Led Zeppelin.”

“We focused on the show and that was it,” John Paul said of where there energies were directed all these years. “Fortunately it was on film.”

That’s a whole lot of “no”-s from every corner of the band who just want to age in peace (in one piece), so please stop asking them to vicariously provide you with the soundtrack to your golden summers from decades past. That’s what YouTube is for. Schmucks.