Led Zeppelin Tour Rumors Are True

December 20, 2007 By:
Led Zeppelin Tour Rumors Are True

It's the year of the comebacks! First the Spice Girls, then the Jackson 5 and now Led Zeppelin.

They had a one off concert earlier this month and it went really well so the surviving band members are looking at putting together a 18-month world tour extravaganza later next year (08).

The pal tells the Daily Express, "It will kick off at next year's Glastonbury after Robert Plant has finished touring with American country star Alison Krauss.

"Plant and Krauss have a new album out right now and he is committed to that for the next couple of months at least."

Zeppelin fans couldn't be more excited as the band hasn't been on stage since the 80's, well besides the one concert on Dec 10. But, that's the concert that got the tour talks on the way.