Lenny Kravitz Denies Aerosmith Rumors

December 8, 2009 By:
Lenny Kravitz Denies Aerosmith Rumors

There are so many rumors surrounding Steven Tyler and the future of Aerosmith, we're having a hard time keeping up.

First Aerosmith's guitarist Joe Perry told the Las Vegas Sun that Steven had quit the band and that they were looking for a replacement. Luckily Steven denied the claims and then Perry insisted he never made the comments, leaving all Aerosmith fans pretty confused.

Steven already said he's not going anywhere but new rumors started to swirl that the band wanted Lenny Kravitz to take over as lead singer. And now those rumors are being shot down as well.

On his Twitter.com page, Kravitz writes, "As much as I am flattered that Aerosmith's camp would consider me to front the band, Steven Tyler is a family friend, and no voice could ever take the place of his. I hope the band stays together. They are classic."

So are they splitting up? Is Steven staying on board? Are they looking for a replacement? This band really needs to get it together! Do you think Steven can be replaced?