Leona Lewis Strictly Platonic with One Direction's Liam Payne

October 8, 2012 By:
Leona Lewis Strictly Platonic with One Direction's Liam Payne

Leona Lewis’ heart is in Payne. Or is that Liam Payne’s heart that’s just in straight up pain? Aisle British Celebrity Gossip, let’s get a clean up on this bleeding love all over the floor.

Basically, the One Direction-er and “X Factor” winner have a relationship, have been seen going on supposed secret dates and such — Okay, first, before you invoke Megan’s Law on Leona, Liam may be in a “boy” band, but he’s a very grown up age of 19 years old. Also, they’re harmless and totally platonic, at least on Leona’s end.

“He is a really sweet, lovely guy. I’m a fan of One Direction,” Leona said to the Daily Mirror. “We have been friends for a year-and-a-half.”

Liam was more vocal at the start, admitting to a crush on the “Trouble” singer, where he recently said, “I do have a crush on Leona, she’s hot! I have met her. She’s hot. I haven’t eaten dinner with her though.” Since then, Liam has reportedly asked Leona out and a low key series of cute little “dates,” “hang outs,” “Nintendo Wii,” or whatever it is that 19 year olds ask 27 years olds to do these days. Based on Leona’s recent comments however, it appears Liam has been designated to the dreaded Friend Zone.

If there were sparks is between them, and if not, then that could develop in time. Leona has said herself she likes to take things slow and is a long-term kind of girl.

“I like to be wooed,” she told the paper. “I’m a good girlfriend, not high maintenance but I like to be treated well. I think every girl does. I like romance.”
Her last relationship was with German dancer Dennis Jaunch, an 18-month romance. Prior to that, she was with Lou Al-Chamaa, her long term BF and childhood sweetheart, for 7 years.

Whatever happens, they’ll both probably get a Billboard Top 10 song out of it. Win-win!