Liam Hemsworth Upset Over Nick Jonas' Song About Miley

October 17, 2012 By:
Liam Hemsworth Upset Over Nick Jonas' Song About Miley

Miley Cyrus' fiancé Liam Hemsworth wants Nick Jonas to tune it down.

You see, Nick is Miley’s first love, and like a situation pulled straight from the script of any teen movie these three may have starred in, the JoBro wore his heart on his sleeve with a ballad he penned called “Wedding Bells” that sounds suspiciously about the Future Mrs. Hemsworth.

Even though “Niley” has a way better ring to it then “Liley,” Liam one upped the musician and put an actual ring on her finger afterwards.

This then inspired an open letter signed, sealed, delivered over the Internet/blogs to Miley and Liam’s shared Facebook account (because they look like the ingratiating type who’d “share” a Facebook account)—She says, can you keep a secret / A ceremony set for June / I know it’s a rush but I just love him so much / I hope that you can meet him soon” goes one of the LiveJournal lyrics—and it’s making Liam roll his eyes because songs and feelings are way cheaper than that Neil Lane diamond he already purchased her.

“Liam, I know he’s not too thrilled with the song and I know he doesn’t like it,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Not that he doesn’t like them as artists or anything, he just doesn’t like the song. He’s not a fan of the song and I don’t blame him one bit.”

Miley then did that thing society has conditioned all young girls to do in order to maintain any honest relationship with their boyfriends and played dumb about everything.

“She’s heard their new song but doesn’t think it’s about her,” the source added. “It could be though. You never know and there could be some feelings there from Nick but I know totally not from Miley. She thinks it’s a sweet song and she likes it but whether it’s about her, who knows.”

We’ve all seen this movie before. Nick is the wayward self-assured loner in high school (John Cusack) who still secretly pines for the childhood sweetheart he shared a juice box with at summer camp, Miley (Jennifer Love Hewitt), even though she’s all grown up now and dating the quarterback of the football team with a vocab that doesn’t exceed words the abbreviated length of “vocab” (Paul Walker).

If afterschool art club imitates life here, Liam better watch out because this’ll just lead to is Nick parked outside Miley’s bedroom window holding a boombox over his head blasting “Wedding Bells” and no one really wants to hear that at 2 a.m.