Lil Wayne Acts Like Teenager in Hilarious Deposition Video

September 25, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne Acts Like Teenager in Hilarious Deposition Video

The soon-to-be infamous Lil Wayne deposition video has surfaced on the web and it’s in parts more entertaining than the rapper’s music.

“Court” and “Lil Wayne” are a few words that have been around the block once or twice or three times together. To get you up to speed, check out our report on Hollyscoop for a full legal rap sheet on the rapper.

Concerning the incident that’s the focus of this video, here’s what’s relevant: In 2009, Lil Wayne sued Quincy Jones III (the son of Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller producer Quincy Jones) who was filming a documentary on the musician called The Carter, which Mr. Carter eventually didn’t approach of.

Just last month, he filed another lawsuit in relation to the documentary, which he called “a scandalous portrayal,” alleging its using his music illegally.

The video shows Lil Wayne being put to the fire by Pete Ross, the celebrity lawyer for the Jones’s, and acting like a Lil Punk Teenager.

This clip (from June 20 of this year) just leaked online less than a day ago and it’s already on its way to meme-ville and GIF central.

The quotable highlights include, “That’s a stupid ass question,” “I don’t know, but I know I did perform at this bad ass birthday party recently, she was crazy, stupid thick,” and this exchange, Wayne: “He can’t save you,” Ross: “And what does that mean?” Wayne: “I was talking to myself.”

I can already hear Wayne’s next single titled “I Don’t Recall” with a chorus comprised of the chant “I don’t recall, [expletive] / [expletive], I don’t recall” over a heavy beat and nothing else playing in my head.

TMZ has the courtroom video, which you can watch here: