Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars "Mirror" Music Video

January 31, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne gets introspective in his new track “Mirror” and gets equally naked in the video for the track. Okay, not naked but like shirtless with many close ups of his heavily tatted body. Does anyone have a count of how many tattoos he has? Like, so many.

So the video features Wayne walking around a studio with red paint on his hands, is it supposed to symbolize blood? Probably. I took film classes in college, I know what’s going on here. He’s rapping for the camera, showing off his tats and painting something on the wall with his bare hands. We can’t see what he’s painting…yet.

Then Bruno Mars comes in, random I know, he’s like completely oblivious to the fact that a nearly naked Lil Wayne is slinging red paint inches from him.
Bruno croons on the chorus, “Mirror on the wall/here we are again/through the rise and fall you’ve been my only friend.”

Ok, that sounds super vain. His mirror is his only friend? Hey Weezy, your hair looks fine, stop checking yourself out. But I think Lil Wayne is trying to channel Michael Jackson from his single, “Man In The Mirror” by looking into the mirror to truly see into his soul. This is some deep stuff, you guys, this isn’t “Lollipop” anymore, ok?  

Throughout the video, Weezy is painting something on a giant canvas that we cannot see until the very end. He finally reveals a self-portrait of Lil Wayne looking like a cross between an anime character and Jesus. It’s equal parts bizarre and blasphemous.

What do you guys think of emo Lil Wayne? Do you like the softer side of Weezy?