David Guetta Featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne- I Can Only Imagine

August 8, 2011 By:

David Guetta is the "it" producer right now. When people talk about "club ready" tracks, they're probably talking about David Guetta's music. Guetta's songs just have that way of sounding like they've already been remixed.

Other DJ's can try and remix his stuff, but when he releases it, it's already "club ready," and that's the Guetta golden touch.

Many say that David Guetta was instrumental in helping with Kelly Rowland's comeback with the surprising hit, "When Love Takes Over."

David Guetta tells Hollyscoop, "We made this pretty big record together 'When Love Takes Over' and I think it was a new direction for her. I was really happy that record was number one in 17 countries in the world. I think she was actually, was one of the first persons to trust me and come into my world from a more R&B background and look what happened next."

The thing about Guetta that makes him so cool is that he can make sense of R&B and electro dance music, without it sounding like some Internet DJ threw a Chris Brown song through garage band and uploaded it to youtube.

But David Guetta says that all the big names vying to work with him doesn't faze him at all, "it's more about being happy because people I admire like my music. That is amazing. The success for me now open doors for me to work with the most talented people on the planet," says Guetta.

So who would Guetta's dream collaboration be with? "Absolutely Gaga would be amazing. She took those sounds from the dance world and it would just make sense. She is amazing and fantastic."

While he's waiting for Gaga to call about that collaboration, Guetta releases another single of his upcoming album, this one featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

The song, "I Can Only Imagine" comes just days after Chris Brown released his mix-tape which was supposed to be his debut as a hoodrat or whatever, but let's be real, Breezy is known for gliding along the dance floor and serenading girls in the front row with his buttery smooth vocals and this new Guetta single features Brown doing just that.

Also, every good track should have Lil Wayne lazily growling about how he gets women to hook up with him. I mean, why not? Everybody loves Lil Wayne, right?

This song is off his upcoming album "Nothing But The Beat" which drops on August 29 and follows other singles, "Where Them Girls At" and "Little Bad Girl."

I Can Only Imagine - David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne by HDMI44