Lil' Wayne is a Daddy Again

November 18, 2009 By:
Lil' Wayne is a Daddy Again

Lil Wayne better slow down or he’s going to be paying all his money to the children he’s fathered! Just this year he’s fathered three children with three different women!

According to RapWeekly, Weezy became a father again this past weekend when singer Nivea gave birth to a baby boy. It was only two months ago that Lauren London gave birth to a baby boy from Lil Wayne which was his third child.

And all the baby mamas are going to have to explain why daddy can’t come and visit for awhile when Lil’ Wayne goes off to jail for 8 months in February as a result of criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana charges!

We guess congratulations is in order for Nivea, since she’ll be getting a fat check every month from him for awhile!