Lil Wayne Loses $2 Million Lawsuit

November 6, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne Loses $2 Million Lawsuit

Lil Wayne’s been in some heated battles before, but ouch, this one’s got to leave a bruise or two…million.

The rapper has lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III over a documentary the director made about the rapper that Tune-chi called an unfair and “scandalous portrayal” of his life. However, the judge found it to be within the legal limits of the law, dismissed the case, and took it further by ruling in favor of Jones’ countersuit which claimed that because the rapper blocked the release of the film, “The Carter,” over songs used in the doc without his authorization, he didn’t net anywhere near the profit it potentially could have.

This legal situation gained more traction than required really after TMZ leaked videos of Wayne during a deposition he didn’t take all that seriously, though we’re sure he is now. The judge, who also saw the videos, didn’t find the “hilarious” clips all that hilarious, calling them “unreasonable conduct” and “irresponsible behavior,” and hit the Young Money founder where it’s sure to catch his attention: his money.

The hammer ruled down for Jones, burning a $2,195,000 million hole in Lil Wayne’s wallet.

Weezy was unable to show up in court due to a double dose of seizure-like symptoms he received hospital treatment last month, though we’re sure he got the message.