Lil Wayne is Recording a Love-Songs Album

April 13, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne is Recording a Love-Songs Album

Lil Wayne is set to record an album of all love songs. Lil Wayne and love? What kind of songs can we expect from this album? “I Love You Like A Face Tattoo!” or how about “Sizzurp Sex” and also, “Skate Ramp To My Heart.”

Wayne says his next music project is called “Devol” which is the word Loved spelled backwards. Get it?

Wayne says the album will have a romantic theme, but it won’t be full of traditional love songs.

“I was recording an album at the same time called Devol, spelled D-E-V-O-L, ‘cause that’s ‘loved’ spelled backwards,” Wayne tells MTV, “It’s my version of love songs. What I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying ‘I love you’…It is all material I did while I was locked up.”

Oh, so this is not a love album, this is a prison album! Ok, that makes more sense. A prison album, in it’s most technical sense, is when an artist releases an album while they are in prison. However, this is like the stuff that Wayne wrote while behind bars. Apparently he was thinking a lot about love while locked up?

Speaking of love, Lil Wayne apparently beat up a paparazzi and destroyed his bike. (I got too lazy to think of a seque).

A Miami photographer (fancy term for paparazzi) was snapping pics of Wayne, who was skateboarding at a church where signs read “No Skateboarding Allowed.”

Wayne didn’t want anyone to see the pics of him skating illegally so he and his entourage started threatening the photog, destroying his bike and trying to smash his camera.

“Lil Wayne was the boss, he was giving the orders to his entourage, he was just playing the ‘bad guy,’ the leader of the gang,” says Munoz.