Lil Wayne Sued for Sleeping Through a Gig

July 9, 2009 By:
Lil Wayne Sued for Sleeping Through a Gig

You can’t sleep when you’re supposed to be on the clock! Lil Wayne has just found himself on the receiving end of another lawsuit, after failing to show up to a planned gig.

According to TMZ, Red City Entertainment claims they put up $432,000 for a performance in the Bahamas on September 27th of last year. Everything was set up…lights, cameras, etc. But you can’t have a show without the performer! Lil Wayne had passed out in his hotel room. Police went to his room when he was a no-show, and found him out like a light.

Red City is suing Lil Wayne for the amount they paid him upfront, his hotel expenses, and the costs incurred for throwing a concert that never even happened.

Lil Wayne is not starting off on the right foot. He’s sued every other minute! Someone needs to step in, Jamie Spears style, and get his life and finances back on track!