Lil Wayne Syncs Up Album Release & Prison Release

August 27, 2010 By:
Lil Wayne Syncs Up Album Release & Prison Release

Oh, Lil Wayne, how smart you are! The incarcerated rapper has planned the day he’s being released from prison very well. According to MTV, Weezy’s new album Tha Carter IV will come out the day he gets out of the clink.

Young Money president Mack Maine, "Tha Carter IV plans we had and still have are to put Tha Carter IV out the day he comes out. He had so many songs for Tha Carter IV, we said let's just put these 10 songs out [on I Am Not a Human Being] and double-back for Tha Carter IV. He has more songs for Tha Carter IV that are still strong."

Mack has been helping Weezy with his song selection since he’s been behind bars for months. "Just hope it don't leak out and drop it that day. I think it would crazy, the anticipation,” he added.

In addition, they want to hold a welcome-home concert that night, which Wayne would headline.

"That's where we are aiming for now," Mack explained. "I think the Garden would be perfect. I wanna keep it Young Money. I think we can hold our own. As far as his set, it would be nice to have features and cameos on his set. As far as who opens for him, it'll be a no-brainer, Young Money could hold it down. Just have the big features on Wayne's set. He's gonna have a show, then go to the studio. I just had a birthday recently. I had four parties for my birthday. For him, it's no telling how that week would go, how that month would go.”

Sounds like they have everything planned out perfectly!