Lil Wayne 'Unplugged' Full Performance

June 13, 2011 By:

Lil Wayne describes his recent “MTV Unplugged” performance as “flawless.” It’s not like he’s cocky or anything.

The Young Money star became one of the few hip-hop artists to star in his own “MTV Unplugged” special. The only other rap alumni from the MTV unplugged special include LL Cool J and Jay-Z back in 2001. Weezy performed stripped down versions of his hits for an intimate audience of 100 screaming girls.

The rapper grinned that weird gremlin smile of his in front of a 6 piece live band while I tried to focus on his music while also counting how many diamond encrusted teeth he currently has. Answer, it’s one large grill.

Though, if you were expecting a stripped down performance in the vein of Adele’s unplugged session, you would be disappointed. Lil Wayne treaded rock star territory with his hyped up showmanship.

Talking about his own performance, Lil Wayne tells MTV news’ Sway, “It’s very intimate and they damn sure picked the right artist to do it with ‘cause it you’re not a full artist, you can’t do an ‘Unplugged…If there’s any flaws, they will be spotted. So I suggest you be flawless.”

Humility isn’t really Weezy’s “thing.”

Wayne performed an acoustic version of “Lollipop” which sounded like we walked in on the rapper jamming backstage with his guitarist. It was a bizarre experience hearing the phrase “shawty wanna thug” slowly crooned while a guitar weeps nearby.

Weezy premiered new song, “Nightmares of the Bottom” off his upcoming album Tha Carter IV. The song was less-hype and more lyrically dependent as a rapt audience cheered at every punch line and “Oh sh-t!” moment.