Lil Wayne Voted Best Rapper Alive

July 23, 2008 By:
Lil Wayne Voted Best Rapper Alive

TIME magazine has voted Lil Wayne the best rapper alive. Did we miss something?

"Lil Wayne has a smoke-scarred rasp that makes him sound like Redd Foxx covering Bob Dylan. It's hardly the voice you'd expect from a 25-year-old rap star, but then, it's been a busy 25 years.

"Whether Wayne is, as he claims, the "best rapper alive" is no longer even debated in hip-hop or commercial circles. Since June 10, when his latest album, Tha Carter III, sold 1,005,545 copies in its first week, he's been the undisputed champ."

What are your thoughts? Do you think TIME magazine is right on, or does someone else deserve the title??