Lil Wayne's New Album Might Beat Out Lady Gaga

September 2, 2011 By:
Lil Wayne's New Album Might Beat Out Lady Gaga

Lil Wayne just released his long awaited album Tha Carter IV and is expected to move one million copies in it's first week which proves two things: 1) That Lil Wayne is really really popular and 2) That Lil Wayne is really really lazy when it comes to naming albums. This is the fourth incarnation of the "Tha Carter" album, you couldn't come up with a new album title by now?

Weezy released his album on Sunday night after the VMA's and is expected to move 925,000-975,000 copies in its first week and could top a million by the time final figures are announced next Wednesday.

Lil Wayne could potentially beat Lady Gaga for biggest sales week of the year after Gaga moved 1.1 million units of Born This Way in May.

According to fans who leave comments on, someone who goes by the name "d" has said, "I don't care if he gets 100,000 sold or 1,000,000 sold. As long as he doesn't top Gaga

PR for Gaga wrote that

Weezy's last album Tha Carter III opened with 1,005,545 copies when it debuted in June 2008 so critics thought it couldn't get much more impressive than that, which was VERY IMPRESSIVE.

According to Weezy himself, "We did real good this time, real good." Moving on.

Weezy is expected to move 1 million copies even with the album leaking a week early, but according to Wayne he doesn't care that it leaked.

Wayne tells MTV after the VMA's, "It just means people want to hear it. I mean, 'cause there're people's albums that come out that can be leaked and don't leak, so I'm glad mines leaked."

Basically Weezy thinks that if your album doesn't leak, it means nobody wants to listen to your music. So he's essentially dissing Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne album, which somehow avoided being leaked.

Weezy is one of the main attractions to Cash Money Records, and it's CEO Birdman tweeted early on that he predicted it would move a million copies. He wrote, "C4.BMJR.#Dont Lie 1m. 1week They Know." Does Birdman know he's allowed 140 characters on Twitter? Because that was the most cryptic way possible to spread the news about Wayne's album. I think he could have spared a few more letters for the sake of readability.

On iTunes, which has been dominated lately by Jay-Z/Kanye and Adele, right after the album was released Tha Carter IV made it to the #1 spot on the iTunes top album charts as well as the hip-hop charts quickly dethroning "Watch The Throne" and Adele's "21" and beating out new releases from Red Hot Chili Peppers and David Guetta.