You Need to Go to Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour After Seeing this Setlist

August 11, 2014 By:
You Need to Go to Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour After Seeing this Setlist
Image By: Timothy Hiatt

The Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour is the first of its kind. They've introduced an interactive element to their concert, in which the audience can choose a "winner" using the official "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne" phone app

The tour kicked off last Friday in New York and we've got the lowdown on everything that went on, including the FIFTY-ONE track setlist.

They opened the concert with a "Street Fighter"-inspired intro video, which coordinated with the interactive concert app. The attendees had to choose via their phones who got to perform first. 


Wayne won the first round, and hit the stage:

"Blunt Blowin'"
"We Be Steady Mobbin'"


Drake combatted with:

"Draft Day"
"We Made It"
"The Language"



Lil Wayne's solo:

“Mr. Carter” 
“Money On My Mind”
“Da Sky Is Da Limit” 


Drake's solo:

“Up All Night” 
“Crew Love”


Lil Wayne's solo:

“Go DJ” 
“Pop Bottles”
“Hustler Musik” 
“Leather So Soft” 
“Drop The World” 



Drake's solo:

“Pop That” 
“All Me” 
“Own It” 
“Find Your Love” 
“Marvin’s Room” 
“Hold On We’re Going Home” 


Lil Wayne's solo:

“How To Love” 
“I’m Single"
“Mrs. Officer"
“Every Girl"
“Make It Rain"


Drake's solo:

“I’m On One” 
“No New Friends”
“Bitches Love Me” 


Drake vs. Lil Wayne Rap Battle:

“Bandz A Make Her Dance” (Lil Wayne)
“No Lie” (Drake)
“Duffle Bag Boy” (Lil Wayne)
“Loyal” (Lil Wayne)
“Who Do You Love” (Drake)
“6 Foot 7″ (Lil Wayne)
“Rich As Fuck” (Lil Wayne)
“Trophies” (Drake)
“Started From The Bottom” (Drake)
“No Worries” (Lil Wayne)
“A Milli” (Lil Wayne)
“0 To 100″ (Drake)
“Worst Behavior” (Drake)



To close out the night, Drake and Lil Wayne shared the stage to perform their collaborative singles:

“The Motto” 
“Believe Me”