Lily Allen in Trouble Over Womanizer

December 17, 2008 By:
Lily Allen in Trouble Over Womanizer

Lily Allen is in hot water after singing Britney’s hit song Womanizer on live radio. Mark Ronson hosts his own show every Friday night in New York, and asked last week asked Lily to play something for listeners that no one had ever heard her do before. So rather than do an original song, Lily opted for Britney’s Womanizer! And it is not sitting well with Lily’s record label EMI, since fans have taken the clip and posted it all over the Internet.

But Lily’s not taking the hit for the situation. She’s written a Myspace blog to explain what happened, and to throw Mark Ronson under the bus while she’s at it.

Lily writes: "Some of you may be wondering why I covered Womanizer - simple really, I love Britney and I love the song. It wasn’t my intention for it to have whizzed round the world like it has. Mark Ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play on his radio show, and Womanizer was the only song I had as an attachment on my Blackberry, and I couldn’t get home to send him anything else in time. I had asked him to talk all over it so it wouldn’t get ripped, but he didn’t. Thanks Mark - for getting me in serious trouble with my record company."

Well we’re sure Britney’s record company is thrilled! Just more publicity for the song! On a side note, we couldn't be more thrilled for Lily's upcoming album. She has such an amazing voice! We're just happy she's cleaned up her act so we can appreciate her music.