Worst Songs to Listen to When You're Hungry

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Worst Songs to Listen to When You're Hungry
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That growl from the bottom of your tummy. The emptiness you feel draining through your body. You can't focus, and the only thing that will help is a big, juicy burger. Ughh you're hungry. We're hungry. So DON'T listen to these songs if you haven't eaten.


Lily Allen - "Yummy"

A song dedicated to a refrigerator. My stomach is already grumbling.


Skee Lo - "The Burger Song"

We'll take a Big Mac, a McChicken Sandwich, a Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, and a Happy Meal. Just, all of the above.


Animal Collecive - "Applesauce"

We've never wanted to eat a Red Delicious more.


Nas - "Fried Chicken" feat. Busta Rhymes

BRB, driving to the nearest KFC.


Jack Johnson - "Banana Pancakes"

Drop everything you're doing. Go home, and lay in bed while eating banana pancakes.


Dead Prez - "Be Healthy"

Even when you're hungry, remember you have to eat healthy.


Gym Class Heroes - "Cookie Jar"

Send us to Cookie Anonymous. Now.


The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever"

The things we would do to lay in a field of strawberries right now.


Y.N.RichKids - "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

Snack. Snack. Snack. Crunch.


Weird Al Yankovic - "Eat It"

There's children starving around the world. Just eat it!